Raven and Sage

Raven and Sage is my home away from home.  I have been a part of this expanding salon since May of 2017.  It has been so beautiful to see this salon grow and develop in the last 3+ years.  I first found Raven and Sage when they opened in 2015, knowing that when I moved to San Diego from D.C. that this was the salon for me.  We have gone from a 4 chair salon in charming Golden Hill, to a 9 chair expansion, to a now 20 chair salon in a brand new space in the heart of North Park.  Our original owner was the wonderful Andie Jones, she created a culture like I had never experienced. One of support, guidance, honesty, drive, love, and lots of plants.  During the first expansion, Andie teamed up with business Guru Hector Diaz-Ceballos to help create a flowing system for all of the R&S stylists.  After Andie moved to the east coast in 2018, Hector became the full owner.  He has now turned Raven and Sage into one of the most well known, booming, and beautiful salons I have ever seen.  Hector is responsible for the expansion that moved us from Golden Hill to North Park into a salon space 5x the size of what we came from.  The love and respect he has for this team is remarkable.  I could not be happier to be a part of the Raven and Sage family.  My career soared once I found this salon and never once have I questioned that this is the right and ONLY place for me.  I plan to be with Raven and Sage as long as I am doing hair.  Come in and see for yourself the beauty, comfort, love and ambition that has gone into creating the most incredible salon space in San Diego, California.